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Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pradit Wanarat




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  • ACADEMIC Associate Professor of Business Administration


PhD University of North Texas, USA Major : Management Science Minor : Production/Operations Management
Graduated : May 1994

MS; MBA University of Evansville, USA Major: Engineering Management (MS) Quantitative Business Analysis (MBA)
Graduated: December 1986 (MS); May 1989 (MBA)

B.Eng. Chiang Mai University, Thailand Major: Civil Engineering Graduated: March 1982


  • President (6/13 to Present)
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs (3/07 to 6/13)
  • Dean of Graduate School of Business Administration (10/05 to 3/07)
  • National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)


  • Member of the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand
  • Vice President of the Council of University Presidents of Thailand
  • Consultant, Total Risk Management Committee
    The Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Ltd., Thailand
  • Member, Risk Management Committee
    Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Thailand
  • Member, Economic Consulting Committee
    The Federation of Thai Industries
  • Cost Analyst
    North American Roofing Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • Structural Engineer
    The Ua Withya Equipment Company, Bangkok, Thailand


Teach At

  • Graduate School of Business, NIDA
  • Joint Doctoral Program in Business Administration, NIDA-Chula-Thammasat
  • MBA Programs at several public and private Universities
  • University of North Texas

Courses Taught

Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions. Broad coverage of statistics and quantitative managerial techniques for business decisions. This course focuses on the concepts and the use of statistical and mathematical models for economic and business problems.

Production/Operations Management. The analysis and design of production/ operations systems in a decision-making context. Topics included demand forecasting, plant capacity planning and location, plant layout, job design and work measurement, inventory planning and control, quality control, and JIT concepts.

Business Statistics. Topics included level of measurement for numerical data, frequency distributions, probability concepts and applications, central limit theorem, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, independent/dependent samples, ANOVA, simple and multiple linear regression, and time series analysis.

Operations Research/Management Science. Topics included linear/nonlinear programming, integer programming, dynamic programming, transportation problem, assignment problem, network models, project scheduling (PERT/CPM), inventory control models, decision analysis with and without probabilities, simulation, and Markov analysis.

Project Management. Concepts and theories used in managing a project throughout the entire cycle including activities in selection, definition, initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control, completion and post-implementation review.

Business Policy and Strategic Management. The applications of business environments to formulate the relevant strategies and policies, including an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the firms, formulation and evaluation of competitive strategies and policies with existing resources.


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