Ph.D. in Business Administration


Ph.D. in Business Administration

  • Designed for those with a strong commitment to careers in research and teaching
  • Emphasizes rigor and individual attention
  • Fulltime program (weekdays)
  • Conducted in English
Course Overview

NIDA Business School is one of Thailand’s premier business school that is known for its high quality research and distinguished academic training. Our PhD program’s mission is to produce outstanding academic scholars that will be sought after by other leading business programs and research institutions.

NIDA Business School provides our PhD students with the opportunity to work closely with high caliber faculty members in order to develop an academic career in their selected area of specialization. Our PhD in Business Administration provides the following specializations: Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), Marketing, and Operations Management.


  • New! We are accepting applications for PhD in Business Administration now till 11 April 2022. For more information, click here.
  • New! Join us for our annual PhD Open House on 5 Feb 2022 at 1PM.  For more information, please click here.
  • New! Recruiting applicants interested in studying applied neuroscience, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and operations,  for more information, please click here.
  • Pollawat Chumnangoon (Final year PhD student)’s joint research with his advisor, Dr. Anukal Chiralaksanakul, "How closeness matters: The role of geographical proximity in social capital development and knowledge sharing in SMEs“ has been accepted for publication in Competitiveness Review. Congratulations, Pollawat (and Dr. Anukal)!
  • Pavarit Issarathipya’s research, “Competing and Sharing: Optimal Pricing and Capacity Sharing in a Competitive Market” has been accepted for presentation at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in October 2021 at Anaheim, California (US).
  • Chomsorn Tangdenchai’s research, “Seeking Harmony in the Discordant World: Bribery Practices and Interfirm Relationship” has been accepted for presentation at the Strategic Management Society Conference in September 2021.
  • Muhammad Azhar Khalil (third year PhD student) research’s “Passive but Defiant: The Role of Innovative Capabilities in Knowledge Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship” has been accepted for publication in Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Congratulations, Muhammad!
  • PhD course open to non-PhD students. Interested in pursuing a PhD, but not so sure yet? Try taking a few of our courses and decided later.  If interested, contact our PhD Office for more information.
  • Tanikan Pipitwanichakarn (Final year PhD student)’s joint research with her advisor, Dr. Nittaya Wongtada, “The role online review on mobile commerce adoption: An inclusive growth context” has been accepted for publication in Journal of Asia Business Studies. Congratulations, Tanikan (and Dr. Nittaya)!
  • Chomsorn Tangdenchai’s research, “Friend or Foe?: Bribery Practices and Relational Embeddedness in Emerging Countries” has been accepted for presentation at the Academy of International Business Conference (AIB) in July 2020.  

  • The Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Workshop by Dr. Diamantopoulos has been postponed to November 2020.  The exact date will be announced soon.

  • NIDA Business School will be conducting a 3-day interactive Structural Equation Modeling Workshop on 13-14-15 July 2020.  For more details, please click here.  To register for the workshop, please click here.
  • NIDA Business School hosted a Paper Development Workshop by the Emerging Markets Society on 10 January 2020 (Friday).  Editors of top tier journals were present to provide one-on-one feedback to scholars and doctoral students on their research projects. See photos of the event here.
  • KittiphodCharoontham (PhD graduate) and Kessara Kanchanapoom (Final year PhD student)’s joint research, “Credit derivatives design to facilitate loan purchase agreements in the secondary loan market in Thailand” has been accepted for publication in Journal of Asia Business Studies. Congratulations, Kittiphod and Kessara!
  • Kessara Kanchanapoom (Final year PhD student)’s joint research with her advisor, Dr. Jongsawas Chongwatpol, “Applications of business intelligence and marketing analytics in the complementary and alternative medicine industry” has been accepted for publication in Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases. Congratulations, Kessara (and Dr. Jongsawas)!

Learn more about the specializations that our PhD in Business Administration offers:

PhD specialization in accounting focuses on understanding the role of information and measurement systems in effective resource allocation within the firm and among firms. Areas of research include determinants of auditor performance and quality, financial disclosure strategies of firms, effects on IFRS adoption, financial reporting quality, corporate governance and fraud, etc.

PhD specialization in finance focuses on: 1) understanding the dynamics of financial markets arising from the interactions among investors, firms, and financial intermediaries; and 2) debating on issues that allows each market participant to make effective financial decisions and policy recommendations. Areas of research include asset pricing, portfolio choice, market microstructure, behavioral and empirical finance, risk management, real estate investments, etc.

PhD specialization in management focuses on understanding how firms create and sustain competitive advantage. Management is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon theories and frameworks from economics, sociology and psychology. Areas of research include institutional change, technological change and innovation, competitive strategy, corporate strategy, cooperative strategy, global strategy, behavioral strategy, corporate governance, top management team, business ethics, real options, etc.

PhD specialization in MIS focuses on the enhancement of knowledge that relates to the management of IT-based resources and services as well as IT-based business models. Areas of research include consumer usage of social media and e-commerce, big data analytics, eLearning technology, innovation management of ICT, mobile marketing, IT strategy, etc.

PhD specialization in OM focuses on improving the efficiency, quality, and innovation of enterprises to create unsurpassable competitive advantages through better understandings of operational strategies, product/service development and innovation, quantitative modeling, and rigorous data analytics. Areas of research include supply chain and inventory management, decision making under uncertainty, pricing and revenue optimization, quality management, process improvement, competitiveness, etc.

PhD specialization in marketing focuses on understanding the needs of customers, and ideas for developing and launching new products and services. Marketing is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon economic, behavioral, psychological and administrative theory. Areas of research include marketing communication, social media marketing, consumer preferences and behavior, new product introductions, electronic word of mouth, etc.

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4.1   Application form available at NIDA Business School or can be downloaded at

Now – April 11, 2022

4.2 Online Application at

Now – April 11, 2022

4.3 List of applicants who are eligible to take the written examination (Business Aptitude Test*) will be announced at

April 18, 2022

4.4 Written examination (Business Aptitude Test) 

** via online **

May 1, 2022

4.5 List of applicants who are eligible to take the interview will be announced at                                 

May 9, 2022

4.6 Interview Exam

May 23 - 27,  2022

4.7 Application results will be announced at 

June 13, 2022

4.8 Registration period

July 4 - 6, 2022

4.9 Classes begin

August 8, 2022

      *The Business Aptitude Test is waived for those who have a GMAT score of 550 or above.

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