Manufacturing Development to Improve Competitiveness Program: MDICP

       The rapid changing of social conditions, today's economy and the environment including the globalization system has created a vast trade gap. Many manufacturing industries in Thailand cannot modify production technology, product creation, financial management, marketing and export to compete with other competing countries. Taking into account the facts of international trade, the troubleshooting root cause of export business is strengthening the production process to achieve international standards by developing strategic management process, human development, marketing and technology to the entrepreneur itself.
       In order to improve the competitiveness of the domestic manufacturing industry to be equivalent to that of other countries. It is a preparation for the international trade. Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry operate Manufacturing Improvement to Improve Competitiveness Program: MDICP. The main goal is the development of Thai manufacturing industry into international trade system and competing in a sustainable manner.
To achieve this goal, the program has five main programs :

  1. Plan and develop the production.
  2. Plan to upgrade the standard of business and product to international system (ISO, QS or other)
  3. Plan for technology planning and management.
  4. Capacity Building Plan for Financial Management and Investment
  5. Strategy Management Enhancement Program, human development, domestic and foreign markets, related Technology and Information.

Principles and rationale

       The production industry development program to upgrade the competency of competition. The main goal is the development of Thai manufacturing industry into international trade system by restructuring process in the whole system of industrial business include manufacturing restructuring, raising the standard of business and product, enhancing product innovation, marketing enhancement, money management, human resource management and Strategic Business Management.
       The restructuring process mentioned here have a relationship. If any part is neglected, it is not developed or modified to conform to other parts. Then the business industry has no chance to build strength or the ability to compete in the international trade market.
       This restructuring process cannot be done in a short time and it cannot be done in every business. The reason for this limitation is because from past to present,
       Thailand's manufacturing industry has changed and was developed at each point, each side appropriate to the situation or trade situation in the world market to survive and just a short-term of advance. To operate the business, it has the characteristics of management in the defensive posture, not proactive management with strategy. The structure of the manufacturing business is lacking in continuity. So that, some businesses are only ready to be developed, improve consistency in the system all the process. The restructuring 5 plans above, the business which ready, it has the same important features are a vision and need in the trade leader whether it is a leader in the internal trade market or trade in the world market. Entrepreneurs in this group will seek more sustainable competitiveness than adapters. This business is often a large enterprise that can restructure and develop by itself.
       However, the small and medium business which is the largest business base in the manufacturing industry in Thailand. It is another group that has such features but it lacks the potential to restructure the whole process by itself. So that, it is the duty of the government to support the guidelines by introducing, point the opportunity and the coordinate practicing to push for this industry be aware of the necessity and truly beneficial of restructuring the industry business in the whole system. The key factor of success must come from commitment and the real intention of the management of the business. Because the operation requires time and the leadership of the executive level is the foundation of the business improvement.
       Center for Business Innovation, Faculty of Business Administration, National Institute of Development Administration founded for the purpose of researching new business management innovations and human development to compete in the free trade market. The target group is small and medium enterprises to be competitive in the network (NETWORK for COMPETITIVENESS). The knowledge and skills are integrated to suit the Thai economy and society. Then publish that science to the student, alumni, Faculty of teachers, and other people who interested in the year of 2002-2004.The center has continued its activities with the Department of Industrial Promotion as MDICP project. This makes the center have experience and the availability of medium entrepreneurship development and specialized consultancy skills.
       Center for Business Innovation, Faculty of Business Administration, National Institute of Development Administration is pleased to offer the training program and advise on the specific factory to enhance the strategic management capacity and marketing in the country and abroad (Plan 5) of the production industry development project to enhance the competitiveness batch 8 of the Department of Industrial Promotion.
       The concept that the competitiveness of the current business is based on three fundamental factors as clearly strategic plan and strategy, human resources have the knowledge, have innovated and used information technology. In order to increase the efficiency of competition, the efficiency is harmonious to keep up with the changing market and competitors.


  1. To increase capacity to Thai industrial entrepreneurs which participated the project have capacity in the competitiveness in the global trade market.
  2. To provide industrial entrepreneurs learn to solve problems, seeking opportunities
    and identify the directions including strategy setting in both short-term and long-term.
  3. To develop capacity in management, market penetration, product development, human management, increasing capacity for competitiveness in the global market.


  1. Executives and employees in the business/factory receive training to increase knowledge capacity in management and business planning, human management and marketing plans, export marketing plan to support both domestic and international business operations.
  2. The participating businesses/factories
  • Business Plan (Short term/ one year) Strategic Management and Business Policy (Long Term Business Plan / 3-5 Years)
  • Clearly management and development plan.
  • Marketing plan and/or export marketing plan which appropriate and can be implemented.
  • Can analyze, performance evaluation with Key Performance Indicators.

Topics in counseling at the establishment will cover

  1. Marketing Consulting
  2. Human Resource Consulting
  3. Strategic Management Consulting
  4. Organizing workshops in the organization under the topic "Business & Marketing Plan".

Performance Indicators

  1. There are business plans and the strategies for competition of the organization with index indicators 4 parts of each plant are the revenue and profit, return on resources, management and staff development, organization and technology management and related information.
  2. The business has the marketing plan and the branding process is clear, ready for competition in foreign markets.
  3. The business has the clear plan for human resource development.
  4. The business has an effective technology and information system for marketing and human resource development.
  5. The volunteer business will travel to trade talks and sign at least one international contract between the participating company and the overseas buyer.
  6. The participating companies will have a strategic plan and a concrete business strategy with result indicators.
  7. Has joined the business network for the development of the industry of Mdicp Holding Co., Ltd.

Indicators of success of the project only Plan 5
For the benefit to each participant (If there are ongoing projects and do activities as consultants have set out) can be considered as follows.

  1. All participating companies have a business plan, tactical, action plan, and the budget for the competition is clear.
  2. Have an organizational development plan, domestic and international marketing plans, human resource development plan and team, balanced assessment system throughout the organization.
  3. Increase sales and management capacity, this will lead to an increase in sales at least 10%, customer increase satisfaction at least 25%, marketing and sales costs dropped at least 10%, human resources have increased at least 10%, applying-resigning of the employee rate and executives have increased their duration of employment at least 15%, and there're the technology and information related to all applications.
  4. The volunteer businesses will travel to trade talks and signed a foreign trade agreement.
  5. Companies that participate in ongoing activities can develop strategic plans and a sustainable business strategy for international competitiveness.

Faculty of teachers team, speakers, and consultants

       National Institute of Development Administration offers master's degree and Ph.D.
8 faculty 1 project. Then there is various faculty of teachers and academics which graduated Ph.D. over 150 people, there are also graduated in the Master's degree more than 24,000 people. Project Manager and the team of the Innovation Center invited faculty of teachers and alumni to be lecturers or team of consultants’ advice for each factory belong to the nature of the business which similar. There is the strategy and business policy in marketing both domestic and international, food transformation processing industry, supporting industry, and the wood transformation processing industry by the number of participating establishments. There is a policy of one counselor overseeing only two establishments under the control of the strict senior advisory team.

Project Management Team

  • Dr. Angkarat Priebjariyawat Consultant and lecturer
  • Dr. Pradit Wannarat, Consultant and Managing Lecturer
  • Dr. Palin Phucharoon, Consultant and Managing Lecturer
  • Dr. Boonchai Hongjaru, Consultant and Marketing Lecturer
  • Dr. Nittaya Wongtada, Consultant and Marketing Lecturer
  • Dr. Pradit Vithis6pakorn, Consultant and Managing Lecturer
  • Dr. Maneewan Chat-au-tai, Consultant and Human Resource Lecturer
  • Dr. Wiput Ongsakul, Project Leader and Lecturer in Logistic Management
  • Dr. Anukal Jiralaksanakul, Consultant and SCM managing Lecturer
  • Mr. Pholrachot Peauthanom, Project assistant manager and team leader of the board of consultant.
  • Mr. Vasin Phosaingam, Project assistant manager and Marketing Consultant
  • Miss Laksanawadee Khorueangtrakul, Project Coordinator

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