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NIDA-Center for Business Innovation (NIDA-CBI)


8th Floor, Boonchana Atthakorn Building,
118 Seri Thai Road, Klongchan, Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand 10240
Tel. 02-7273983-4, 02-7273981, 02-3771231.
Fax 02-3771232


       The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) has conducted teaching, research and academic services by operating Master of Business Administration in normal section and special section. We have produced more than 6,200 business holders of a master's degree. They were recognized and famous by various organizations both in government and the private sector. At present, the Faculty offers both Thai and English courses. In addition, to operate in the master's program, the Faculty of Business Administration aware of the important role of increased role for national development.
       As a leading institution of the state, the Faculty of Business Administration has established "Business Innovation Center", has the abbreviation NIDA-CBI. It has been named in English as "Center for Business Innovation" since 2003. The center was established to link, collect, and develop new ideas in the field of business administration from the faculty of teachers in Faculty of Business Administration and alumni who succeed in running their own business or a senior leader of the organization to apply and to develop medium business and small business to grow continuously and sustainably. Until it can stand against the multinational business. This is useful for learning of students, trainees, and business consultants.